The 10TB Exos X16 7200 rpm 12 Gb/s SAS 3.5" Internal HDD from Seagate is a high-performance, large-capacity drive designed for data storage. It's suitable for engineering workstations, network servers, mainframes, supercomputers, and other demanding tasks that require 24/7 operation. This 7200 rpm drive utilizes the 12 Gb/s SAS interface for data transfer rates of up to 245 MB/s. Moreover, as a professional-grade drive, it has a MTBF rating of 2.5 million hours as well as built-in digital sensors to ensure optimal performance.

  •  Features
    • 10TB Storage Capacity
    • 3.5" Form Factor
    • 12 Gb/s SAS Interface
    • 256MB Cache
    • 7200 rpm
    • Up to 245 MB/s Sustained Data Transfers
    • 2,500,000 Hours MTBF
    • 8760 Power-On Hours per Year
    • 0.35% Annualized Failure Rate (AFR)


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